About Dare

In light of the prosperity of the UAE’s equestrian sports and the interest of its rulers in such a luxurious activity; it was important to put the UAE on the map in terms of fashion and equestrian brands too.

In fact, that was the source of inspiration for the horse rider, fashion designer and poet Amal Ali AlSayegh who decided to find dare as the first equestrian fashion brand within the UAE. Dare was formally established in 2015 while AlSayegh was investing her time studying fashion brand management at the london university of fashion and finishing up her master degree in quality management at wollongong university in Dubai.

Casual horsemen/horsewomen, jumping industry riders and general riders are dare’s core target. They are the ones who share dare’s passion for high-quality materials and it’s acknowledgement of the importance of riding in elegance and comfort.

To stand out, the founder has chosen (chic, bold & noble) as three words that represent the expectations of what the riders would feel in any occasion when choosing dare. She aims to create, not only a fashion brand, but also a lifestyle and a community. Dare, as a name, was chosen to portray a rider’s passion and as a push to encourage him/her to always dare to confront the challenges and show the strength of the equine culture amongst society.

"I decided to convert my equestrian passion and fashion knowledge into a tangible product that would fill the gap that appears within the GCC equestrian market, one that would satisfy the culture as well as fit within the international standards. Dare to be one of us."

Amal al sayegh
- Founder -